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Lately, there have been reports of some iPhone 15 Pro users experiencing overheating issues. So, why is your shiny new iPhone 15 getting hot?

Apple’s Announcement

On Saturday, September 30, 2023, Apple, the tech giant, made an announcement. They acknowledged that some of their new iPhones were running hotter than expected. So, what’s causing this unexpected heatwave?

The Culprit: A Bug in iOS 17

It turns out the culprit behind the iPhone 15 Pro’s unexpected warmth is a bug in the iOS 17 software. But fret not; Apple has a solution in the works. They plan to fix this issue in an upcoming software update.

Apple explained that your device might feel hotter in the first few days after you’ve set it up or restored it because it’s ramping up background activity. So, it’s not necessarily something to worry about in the long run.

Third-Party Apps Share the Blame

Apple also pointed out that third-party apps can contribute to your iPhone’s rising temperature. Some recent updates from third-party apps have been causing them to excessively tax the system.

Apps Under the Spotlight

Let’s shine the spotlight on a few apps. According to Apple, apps like Asphalt 9, Instagram Meta, and Uber were among the culprits. However, there’s some good news. Instagram has already addressed and fixed its app issues on September 27.

What’s Apple Doing About It?

Apple is not leaving its users in the heat. They are actively working with app developers to resolve these issues. So, you can expect fixes and updates rolling out in the near future.

No Impact on Performance

Rest assured, the upcoming iOS 17 bug fix won’t compromise your iPhone’s performance. Apple emphasized that this issue doesn’t pose any safety risks or long-term performance impacts. It’s more of an inconvenience than anything else.

It’s Not About the Design

In case you’re wondering, the overheating isn’t related to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max’s design. Apple clarified that these models aren’t overheating due to their design. In fact, the new titanium shell actually provides better heat dissipation compared to the previous stainless steel models.

So, while your iPhone 15 Pro might feel a bit warm at times, it’s not a cause for concern. Apple’s got your back, and they’re working on a solution to keep your iPhone running smoothly without any unexpected heatwaves.

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